2020 COVID-19 Support For Our Community

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The Need

We are in Times of Crisis

  • School guidance counselors and principals are pleading with us. The Need for food boxes is currently identified for children in Jaffrey/Rindge, Walpole, Marlborough, Winchester/Hinsdale and all SAU 29 elementary schools.
  • The The Community Kitchen has a current list of about 200 food box recipients, but that expected to increase 15-20% in the area we serve as the COVID-19 crisis continues.
  • Summer remains a huge concern with no school lunches, and filling that gap will be more important than ever.
  •  Right now we really need money in support of these food boxes to get us to the summer and for the summer; the current crisis may mean the need for upwards of 400 meals a day.

Can you imagine not knowing where your next meal will come from?

Can you believe that 1 in 6 children in New Hampshire have experienced this at least once during the past year? With so many food options available, it can be hard to believe that access to healthy food is an issue in our own backyard.

But, why are our children going hungry?

In Cheshire County alone, we’ve seen an increase in children living in poverty between 2008 and 2013 from 11.5% to 14.3%, which is higher than the state average of 11% during that same time period. Compared to large municipalities in New Hampshire, Keene is the only city who has actually seen the median income for families with children drop between 2008 and 2013. This is reflected by the increasing rates of free and reduced lunch program eligibility in Keene schools - which have been consistently higher than the state average - climbing up from 1 in 4 students in 2009 up to over 1 in 3 students in 2016. 

Enough is enough.

 In 2016, Keene Elm City Rotary decided to tackle the issue head-on by building upon our mission of supporting the health and well-being of our community's youth. We needed to become the leaders we have been waiting for. In February 2016, they founded MUCH (Monadnock Understands Childhood Hunger) an advisory think tank of rotarians, non-profit and advocacy professionals in the field of childhood hunger. From MUCH work has come the critical knowledge that summer is a time of great need for hungry children. Without the benefit of school and after school programs and with rural households living in poverty, children's access to healthy foods more than doubles during the summer months.

Help Our Cause

In 2020, Thanksgiving in July has accelerated our timeline, and moved to a totally virtual event to support our community during the COVID-19 Pandemic

All donations will go to The Community Kitchen - Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. 

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